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Systematics of the genus Altopedaliodes Foster, 1964

nuevas especies y subespecies.jpg

New species and subspecies described for the genus Altopedaliodes in 2021

Altopedaliodes is a genus of the subfamily Satyrinae restricted to forests and higher paramos in the Andes mountains. Altopedaliodes belongs to the subtribe pronophilini, which includes 66 genera and ca. 690 species. They are medium-sized butterflies, brown in color with linear patterns or dots on the wings. The genus contains some of the highest flying butterflies in the Andes. Like all pronophilins, some species are rare and only fly when the sun is out. The greatest species richness is found in Ecuador, where several species can be found along a single elevational transect. The most recent classification recognizes 12 species.

  The genus is of particular evolutionary and conservation interest because several species have very restricted ranges and little is known of their natural history.

From a taxonomic point of view, Altopedaliodes also require close study. For this project we use mitochondrial genes (COI, COII) and a nuclear gene (EF-1 @) to propose the first phylogenetic hypothesis


1 PS Padrón , TW Pyrcz & KR Willmott. A contribution towards resolving the systematics of the high altitude tropical Andean satyrine genus Altopedaliodes Forster, 1964 (Lepidoptera, Nymphalinae: Satyrinae).  neotropical  Entomology.

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