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Characterization of species of the genus Spodoptera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), associated with corn cultivation in the provinces of Bolívar, Cañar, Azuay and Loja.  


The genus Spodoptera , (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) includes around 30 described species  presents   in tropical and temperate regions, many of which are important  economically, as they are pests of crops such as  corn, beans, rice, cotton, etc.  With this  In this project we try to identify morphologically and molecularly the species of the genus Spodoptera considered pests of economic importance associated with the cultivation of corn in the provinces of Bolívar, Cañar, Azuay and Loja, which will allow the development of elements of judgment of greater scientific rigor for the approach of management strategies. integrated management of the most efficient pests for Ecuador.

This multi-institutional research project includes researchers from the National Institute of Agricultural Research, Universidad del Azuay, Universidad San Francisco de Quito and the Escuela Politécnica Nacional

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