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Biodiversity App

The Biological collections represent repositories of natural heritage of a country, being an important sources of information on biodiversity and are essential tools in a wide range of scientific applications.  But despite, that their information has been  shared  through scientific publications, guides, reports, etc., much of this remains accessible only to a limited group of people. Based on the premise that the value of a biological collection is determined by the use that society gives this, is that in this interdisciplinary research proposal we propose  generate a biodiversity app.  Today, multimedia tools allow us to create environments for learning and teaching, in which the act of learning becomes a life experience that goes beyond the purely cognitive level. The use of ICT to socialize biodiversity information will contribute to universal access to this knowledge. Integrating all this content in an interfaces that include photos, graphics and animation we can transform this information in a single digital educational resource which eventually will  be an effective learning tool that can be used by students and teachers, allowing them to know, understand and value the biodiversity around us. We hope these kind of initiatives will constitute  an important step in linking society and science.